Additional guidance issued on pro bono reporting

July 24, 2017

With the annual attorney registration set to begin Tuesday in Indiana, the Coalition for Court Access has issued additional guidance for reporting pro bono hours.

Lawyers registering in Indiana are required to report either the number of hours they volunteered their legal services or the amount of money they donated to a legal aid provider. The CCA has developed a Frequently Asked Questions document to further explain the Professional Conduct Rule 6.7 on reporting pro bono hours and contributions.

In 2016, lawyers were first required to state whether they provided any pro bono services during their annual registration. An analysis of the registrations by the CCA found that 7,672 attorneys, roughly half of the lawyers in Indiana, contributed either time or money during the calendar year 2015. A total of 363,709 hours was provided and $987,075 were donated.

“Capturing this baseline information will allow us to put together a roadmap for areas of service that need improvement,” Chief Justice Loretta Rush said in a press release. “It’s encouraging to confirm there are thousands of lawyers helping those in need every year.”


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