Eminent Domain

July 26, 2017

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State of Indiana v. Azure, LLC and LaPorte County, Indiana

Court: LaPorte Circuit Court

Action: Eminent domain

Case Number: 46C01-1005-PL-189

Injuries: N/A

Court Date: June 26-28, 2017

Trial Type: Jury trial

Judge: Hon. Thomas J. Alevizos

Disposition: Jury verdict of $254,000

Plaintiff Attorney: Christopher B. Serak, deputy attorney general

Defendant Attorney: Glenn W. Kuchel, Green & Kuchel P.C. for defendant Azure LLC

Insurance: N/A

Case Information: Complaint for appropriation of real estate filed by state of Indiana on May 3, 2010, to acquire 8.772 acres of real estate owned by Azure LLC necessary for INDOT’s improvement of U.S. 421. The acquisition also included temporary right-of-way for drive construction. INDOT’s initial appraisal and uniform offer was in the amount of $79,100.00. Court-appointed appraisers found damages in the amount of $60,550. State’s trial appraisal valued damages at $96,600. Defendant landowner’s expert appraiser valued damages at $246,000. Landowner’s testimony valued real estate acquisition at $880,000. The jury awarded $254,000.•


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