DTCI Partners with ESI to Present a Summer Seminar

July 26, 2017

dtci-box-072617Construction & Health Care

“Seeing is Believing - Winning with Effective Demonstrative Exhibits and Aids”

Using psychological testing on the audience and case-specific examples for the construction and health care bars, Charles Fox, Ph.D., will provide an engaging and entertaining presentation illustrating the effectiveness of graphics and 3-D visualization tools in conveying complex concepts to fact finders. The interactive presentation will explore how fact-finders perceive demonstrative exhibits and aids, and highlight the best practices for using each in technically oriented, often high-stakes litigation. 

Product Liability & Trial Tactics

“How to Involve an Expert in a Case from Start to Finish”

This presentation will touch on (1) when and how to involve an expert at the early stage of the case; (2) communicating with an expert, keeping in mind the privilege issues in state and federal courts; and (3) how to use an expert and prepare for depositions and trial as the case moves forward.

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Non-members are invited, so bring a friend or colleague!


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