Supreme Court appoints judges pro tempore in Elkhart, Porter counties

August 4, 2017

Two Indiana senior judges will step into judge pro tempore positions this fall, the Indiana Supreme Court has announced.

First, in Elkhart Superior Court 1, Senior Judge David T. Ready has been appointed to serve as judge pro tempore, effective Sept. 18, until further order of the court. Ready’s appointment comes after Judge Evan S. Roberts announced he would be temporarily unable to perform his judicial duties in the Elkhart Superior Court.

Judge Stephen R. Bowers was temporarily transferred to Roberts’ court on April 18, and the court was also given additional senior judge service days. However, in a Thursday order, Chief Justice Loretta Rush wrote Elkhart Superior Court 1 needs additional resources, which led to Ready’s appointment. 

Meanwhile in Porter Superior Court 2, Judge William E. Alexa has announced his impending retirement on Oct. 3. If there is a vacancy on the Porter Superior Court bench at that time, Senior Judge Thomas W. Webber, Sr. will be appointed judge pro tempore, effective Oct. 4, and will remain in that position until further order of the court or until a successor is appointed.

Both Ready and Webber will receive compensation at the same rate as the regular judge and will have authority to discharge the duties of the judges of their courts.


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