Judge to IMS Stones’ concert promoter: ‘you can’t always get what you want’

August 17, 2017

A lawsuit arising from an accident after the Rolling Stones’ concert at Indianapolis Motor Speedway on July 4, 2015, will roll on after a judge found guidance in famous lyrics of Mick and the boys.

Chief Judge Jane Magnus-Stinson this week rejected concert promoter Global Live Inc. and ProSight Specialty Insurance Group’s motion to dismiss a suit filed against them by the IMS. The suit seeks a ruling that the defendants must indemnify the Speedway in a state court suit brought by two people who tripped on a curb in a tunnel and were injured after the show.

Magnus-Stinson denied the motion to dismiss, writing Global Live and ProSight prematurely posited arguments addressing coverage responsibilities.

“The Court recognizes Defendants’ desire to bring this litigation to a swift conclusion, but it is early and ‘time is on our side,’” she wrote, citing to the 1964 classic. “Moreover, ‘you can’t always get what you want’ – but the parties are encouraged to work toward resolution of this matter short of trial, and are reminded that ‘if you try sometimes well you just might find you get what you need.’”

The case is Indianapolis Motor Speedway v. Global Live Inc. and New York Marine and General Insurance Co a/k/a ProSight Specialty Insurance Group Inc., 1:17-cv-1743.


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