Lafayette attorney indefinitely suspended for non-cooperation

February 12, 2018

A Lafayette attorney has been indefinitely suspended from the practice of law in Indiana after failing to cooperate with a disciplinary grievance against her.

Cynthia L. Garwood was previously suspended in September 2017 for failing to respond to a show cause order issued to her the preceding June. Garwood was ordered to show cause as to why she should not be immediately suspended from the practice of law for her failure to cooperate with the investigation of the grievance. No disciplinary complaint was formally filed against her.

The Indiana Supreme Court converted Garwood’s suspension to an indefinite suspension in a Thursday order. The attorney did not respond to the motion to convert her suspension.

In order to be reinstated, Garwood must cure the causes of all suspensions in effect and petition for reinstatement pursuant to Admission and Discipline Rule 23(18)(b).

All justices concurred except Chief Justice Loretta Rush, who did not participate. The order was signed by Justice Steven David as acting chief justice.


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