Supreme Court grants emergency suspension against attorney

March 27, 2018

An Indianapolis attorney suspended from the practice of law after the Indiana Supreme Court granted a petition for emergency suspension.

The court granted the Indiana Supreme Court Disciplinary Commission’s emergency petition in an order Thursday after the commission requested that attorney Kirmille D. Lewis be immediately suspended pending further order of the court or final resolution of any resulting disciplinary action.

The commission said Lewis engaged in “alleged misconduct that may cause Respondent’s continued practice of law during the pendency of a disciplinary investigation or proceeding to pose a substantial threat of harm to the public, clients, potential clients, or the administration of justice.”

Lewis did not respond to the petition for emergency suspension. The attorney, of Lewis Law Office, was suspended effective March 22. Lewis, who was admitted to practice in 2009, was the subject of three pending disciplinary cases, according to the Indiana Roll of Attorneys.


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