Southern District seeking comment on proposed rule amendments

The U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Indiana is seeking public comment on proposed amendments to multiple local rules.

Comments on amendments to Local Rules 7-1, 10-1, 40-1 and 76-1 and Local Criminal Rules 8-1 and 49.1-2 are due by May 29. The proposals include:

• Amending rule 7-1(c) to allow parties to file response briefs to motions under Rule 12(b), (e) or (f) within 21 of service of the motion;

• Amending Rule 10-1 to require parties wanting to proceed under a pseudonym to file a notice of intention to seek leave to proceed under the pseudonym, and a motion to proceed under the pseudonym;

• Amending Rule 40-1 to require habeas petitions to be filed with the judge of the underlying criminal case, and requiring cases to be assigned pursuant to statute or rule, if applicable;

• Deleting Rule 76-1 regarding designating additional items for the record on appeal;

• Amending Criminal Rule 8-1 to set conditions for case reassignment; and,

• Amending Criminal Rule 49.1-2(c)(7) to allow motions for sentence variance under 18 U.S.C. 3553(e) to be filed under seal, as well as supporting sentencing memoranda.

Comments on the proposed amendments can be emailed to [email protected], or mailed to Laura A. Briggs, Clerk of Court, United States District Court, Birch Bayh Federal Building and U.S. Courthouse, 46 E. Ohio St., Room 105, Indianapolis, IN 46204.

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