New laws for 2018

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The Indiana General Assembly this year adopted new laws on matters from Sunday carryout sales to designating Say’s Firefly as the official state insect. Below is the complete list of enrolled acts signed into law this year.

The following enrolled acts, and their newly assigned public law numbers, take effect in whole or in part on or before July 1, 2018, unless otherwise noted below. For more information on these new laws, visit

Senate Enrolled Acts

SEA 1 (PL1) Sunday carryout salesfocus-nl-beer.png

SEA 4 (PL2) Duties of corrections and criminal code interim study committee

SEA 6 (PL86) Technical corrections (Section 50 effective Jan. 1, 2019)

SEA 9 (PL3) Residence of individual in state institution (Jan. 1, 2019)

SEA 12 (PL87) Sex offenders

SEA 13 (PL4) Administration of overdose intervention drugs

SEA 24 (PL5) Student possession and use of sunscreen

SEA 27 (PL43) 1977 fund new unit credits for prior service

SEA 36 (PL6) NCSL 2020 legislative summit

SEA 43 (PL88) Racial balance levy and fund (Sections 1-3, July 1, 2019)

SEA 44 (PL7) Recreation fund expenditures

SEA 50 (PL152) Governor’s workforce cabinet

SEA 52 (PL153) Low THC hemp extract

SEA 60 (PL44) Out of state sex or violent offenders

SEA 64 (PL45) Sentence modification

SEA 65 (PL154) Instruction on human sexuality

SEA 74 (PL89) Controlled substances

SEA 75 (PL90) 1977 fund retirement age and benefits study

SEA 96 (PL155) Veterans pilot program

SEA 98 (PL46) Specialized driving privileges (Sections 1, 2, 5, 6, Jan. 1, 2019)

SEA 99 (PL47) Civil forfeiture

SEA 100 (PL8) Carbon monoxide emissions testing

SEA 105 (PL9) State agriculture and animal certification programs

SEA 119 (PL91) 1977 fund purchase of service

SEA 124 (PL92) Vending machine sales of food (July 1, 2019)

SEA 125 (PL93) Registration of underground utility excavation contractors

SEA 126 (PL156) Judges and magistrates (July 1, 2019)

SEA 128 (PL119) Change of placement of a child in need of services

SEA 134 (PL157) Charity gaming

SEA 135 (PL120) Department of Child Services notifications for schools

SEA 139 (PL193) Investigation of overdose deaths

SEA 142 (PL48) Maternal mortality review committee

SEA 156 (PL49) Rural utility cooperatives

SEA 158 (PL50) Scleral tattooing

SEA 165 (PL10) Township board terms of office

SEA 172 (PL132) Computer science curriculum

SEA 178 (PL51) Taking of sand from bed of Lake Michigan

SEA 179 (PL94) Child support

SEA 180 (PL52) Uniform business organizations

SEA 182 (PL11) County building authorities

SEA 184 (PL12) Maximum number of foster children

SEA 186 (PL158) Online continuing education for auctioneers

SEA 187 (PL53) Child care

SEA 188 (PL201) Elimination of the consumer fees and settlements fund

SEA 190 (PL202) Health facility certificate of need

SEA 197 (PL159) Various property issues

SEA 203 (PL203) Crimes resulting in the loss of a fetus

SEA 212 (PL54) Vehicle weight limits

SEA 217 (PL95) Dyslexia

SEA 221 (PL194) INSPECT program

SEA 223 (PL121) Health practitioner license renewal surveys

SEA 224 (PL160) Behavioral health and human services

SEA 225 (PL55) Continuing education requirements

SEA 230 (PL56) Suicide prevention

SEA 233 (PL13) Foster parent bill of rights

focus-nl-bug.pngSEA 236 (PL199) Say’s Firefly designated as state insect

SEA 238 (PL161) Office of Judicial Administration

SEA 240 (PL162) Emotional support animals

SEA 246 (PL14) Cemetery maintenance expenses

SEA 247 (PL163) Creditors’ rights

SEA 257 (PL200) Sales tax on software

SEA 262 (PL96) Veterans matters

SEA 264 (PL97) Rape kits

SEA 265 (PL122) Study of intersection safety

SEA 266 (PL164) Motor vehicle safety

SEA 269 (PL165) Road and utility repair

SEA 274 (PL166) Underground storage tank program enforcement

SEA 281 (PL98) Sheriff’s department retirement plans

SEA 290 (PL204) Worker’s compensation

SEA 296 (PL99) Order to repair tax sale property

SEA 297 (PL57) Employability skills curriculum

SEA 299 (PL123) State parks

SEA 300 (PL58) Disposal of surplus state personal property

SEA 301 (PL133) Criminal history checks for home health workers

SEA 303 (PL167) Various education matters

SEA 327 (PL 100) Election security

SEA 331 (PL101) Implementation of federal food safety regulations

SEA 340 (PL205) Regulation of abortion and newborn safety devices

SEA 341 (PL124) Incorporation of documents

SEA 347 (PL125) Bonding procedures

SEA 349 (PL102) Study of taxes on short term rentals

SEA 351 (PL15) Appraisal management companies

SEA 353 (PL103) Study topics

SEA 354 (PL108) Freeway school corporations and schools

SEA 360 (PL16) Perinatal levels of care designation certification

SEA 362 (PL126) Regulation of water and wastewater systems

SEA 363 (PL168) FSSA matters

SEA 369 (PL206) Worker’s compensation drug formulary

SEA 372 (PL59) Notarial acts (Sections 8-60, 62-64, July 1, 2019)

SEA 373 (PL127) Pension supplemental allowance reserve accounts

SEA 375 (PL128) Transport operator

SEA 376 (PL70) Unclaimed property

SEA 377 (PL60) Small loans

SEA 380 (PL169) Improvements in historic districts

SEA 381 (PL71) Children in need of services

SEA 386 (PL61) Financing of flood control improvements

focus-nl-teachers.pngSEA 387 (PL170) Teacher permits, examinations and salaries

SEA 392 (PL171) Local government matters

SEA 393 (PL104) Safety notice of advanced structural buildings

SEA 402 (PL62) Juvenile reports

SEA 404 (PL63) Operating while intoxicated

SEA 410 (PL129) Advanced practice registered nurses

SEA 411 (PL64) Distressed utilities

SEA 419 (PL172) Professional and occupational licenses

SEA 421 (PL173) Assisted living services

SEA 428 (PL105) Department of Child Services

SEA 431 (PL106) Immunity for reports of suspected abuse or neglect

SEA 436 (PL107) Action for contribution by railroad entities

SEA 438 (PL134) Study committee of state agency management

House Enrolled Acts

HEA 1001 (PL135) School funding

HEA 1002 (PL174) Workforce funding and programs (Section 9, July 1, 2019)

HEA 1003 (PL130) Streamlining agency reporting requirements

HEA 1004 (PL72) Various state and local government streamlining matters

HEA 1006 (PL65) Broadening criminal justice treatment options

HEA 1007 (PL195) Mental health access

HEA 1017 (PL17) Newborn screening

HEA 1023 (PL18) Annexation remonstrance waivers

HEA 1024 (PL19) Heat preparedness training for coaches

HEA 1027 (PL109) Riverboat admissions tax distributions

HEA 1031 (PL136) Cleanup of certain terms

HEA 1033 (PL20) Treatment of out-of-state convictions in sentencing

HEA 1034 (PL21) Home detention matters

HEA 1035 (PL73) Short term rentals

HEA 1036 (PL66) Unemployment insurance

HEA 1047 (PL22) Education benefits for veterans

HEA 1050 (PL23) Small cell wireless structures

HEA 1056 (PL175) Innkeepers’ taxes

HEA 1057 (PL24) Pretrial diversion

HEA 1058 (PL110) Influenza information to residents

HEA 1060 (PL176) Liability for rental car theft

HEA 1063 (PL137) Dealer services division

HEA 1065 (PL177) Broadband grants and high speed internet service

HEA 1070 (PL74) Airport boards

HEA 1073 (PL25) Child care location and safety

HEA 1074 (PL178) Various higher education matters

HEA 1089 (PL138) St. Joseph River basin commission

HEA 1091 (PL26) Information for prospective adoptive parent

HEA 1095 (PL27) Electronic titles

HEA 1100 (PL28) Code revision correction

HEA 1109 (PL179) Various pension matters

HEA 1115 (PL29) Landowner immunity for trail access

HEA 1116 (PL30) Dental hygienist access practice agreements

HEA 1117 (PL31) Nursing facility Medicaid reimbursement rates

HEA 1119 (PL67) Physician order for scope of treatment and consent

HEA 1120 (PL111) State Department of Health matters

HEA 1130 (PL180) Professional licensing agency matters (Section 16, July 1, 2019)

HEA 1135 (PL32) Registration of securities

HEA 1140 (PL75) Interlocal agreements

HEA 1141 (PL76) Community mental health center funding (Sections 1-9, 11, Jan. 1, 2019)

HEA 1143 (PL77) Prior authorization for health care services

HEA 1155 (PL139) Subdivision drain repair pilot program

HEA 1167 (PL140) School corporation financial management (Sections 1-4, 6-14, 16-31, Jan. 1, 2019)

HEA 1173 (PL78) Trial records

HEA 1175 (PL33) Diabetes reporting

HEA 1180 (PL34) EMT use of injectable medications

HEA 1191 (PL35) Suspected human trafficking

HEA 1193 (PL79) Study of injured public safety officer monument

HEA 1194 (PL36) Delinquent self-storage facility rents

HEA 1195 (PL112) Automobile dealers

HEA 1203 (PL113) Qualified egg banks

HEA 1220 (PL114) FSSA matters

HEA 1227 (PL141) Noxious weeds and pesticide law fees

HEA 1228 (PL142) Data concerning youth in adult court

HEA 1233 (PL181) Environmental management matters (Sections 11-12, Jan. 1, 2019)

HEA 1242 (PL143) Resident tuition for serving on the USS Indiana

HEA 1244 (PL131) Health matters

focus-nl-certifications.pngHEA 1245 (PL182) Occupational licensing (Section 4, July 1, 2019)

HEA 1248 (PL115) Child safety alerts

HEA 1250 (PL80) Battery offenses

HEA 1253 (PL116) Voter list maintenance

HEA 1256 (PL183) Various local government matters

HEA 1257 (PL37) State use program

HEA 1260 (PL81) Issuance of hospital license

HEA 1262 (PL117) Public funds and tax refund intercepts

focus-nl-jail.pngHEA 1263 (PL184) County jail issues

HEA 1267 (PL196) Water infrastructure task force

HEA 1270 (PL144) Criminal law matters

HEA 1277 (PL145) Appraisal contracts

HEA 1278 (PL207) Economic improvement districts

HEA 1285 (PL118) Nutritional assistance

HEA 1286 (PL82) Marketplace contractors

HEA 1287 (PL38) Newborn screenings

HEA 1288 (PL146) Economic development (Sections 5, 9, 12, 14-15, 20, 23-25, Jan. 1, 2019)

HEA 1290 (PL185) Transportation finance

HEA 1292 (PL39) Department of Natural Resources

HEA 1301 (PL208) Insurance matters

focus-nl-electronic.pngHEA 1303 (PL40) Electronic powers of attorney, trusts and wills

HEA 1309 (PL197) Sexual harassment prevention policies

HEA 1311 (PL147) Motor vehicle matters (Section 6, Jan. 1, 2019)

HEA 1314 (PL186) Students in foster care and homeless students

HEA 1317 (PL209) Health matters (Sections 7-8, July 1, 2019)

HEA 1320 (PL187) Disposition of tax sale surplus

HEA 1323 (PL188) Heavy equipment rental tax (Jan. 1, 2019)

HEA 1328 (PL41) Bail issues

HEA 1356 (PL83) Bullying

HEA 1358 (PL84) Intersection safety study

HEA 1359 (PL198) Drug dealing resulting in death

HEA 1374 (PL189) Financing and transportation

HEA 1382 (PL68) Study of pharmacy deserts

HEA 1383 (PL210) Various election law matters

HEA 1384 (PL85) Chiropractors

HEA 1397 (PL69) Financial institutions and consumer credit

HEA 1398 (PL190) Coalition of school corporations and schools

HEA 1399 (PL148) Elementary school teacher content area licenses

HEA 1402 (PL149) Veterans matters

HEA 1406 (PL150) Department of Child Services

HEA 1412 (PL42) Libraries

HEA 1420 (PL191) Various education matters

HEA 1421 (PL151) School discipline

HEA 1426 (PL192) Education matters

Special Session Bills

HEA 1230(ss) (PL211) School safety

HEA 1242(ss) (PL212) State and local administration (Section 1, 19, 22-23, 27-29, 31, Jan. 1, 2019)

HEA 1315(ss) (PL213) School corporation financial management (Sections 1, 2, 13, 25, Jan. 1, 2019)

HEA 1316(ss) (PL214) Taxes and higher education bonding

HEA 1457(ss) (PL215) Technical corrections (Section 14, July 1, 2019)•

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