Lake Circuit asbestos abatement may alter proceedings

July 23, 2018

The main courtroom for Lake Circuit Court in Crown Point began a four-month asbestos abatement Monday that may change the location of some court dates, Circuit Judge Marissa McDermott announced in a letter to the bar.

The courtroom — Room B-203 — will be under construction, which may affect the proceedings of the Lake Circuit and probate courts. McDermott advised attorneys with business before her or commissioners Jewell Harris or America McAlpin to confirm the location of any proceedings in advance.

During construction, McDermott and her main courtroom’s staff will be located at Room B-108 (the children’s room/Domestic Relations Counseling Bureau). The probate commissioners and their staff will continue to be located in room B-105.

Questions may be directed to Lake Superior Court administrator Joy Sinclair at (219) 881-6342, or Lake Circuit administrator Vera Mileusnic, (219) 755-3488.


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