Disciplinary actions

November 28, 2018

Indiana Lawyer Disciplinary ActionsThe Indiana Supreme Court Disciplinary Commission brings charges against attorneys who have violated the state’s rules for admission to the bar and Rules of Professional Conduct. The Indiana Commission on Judicial Qualifications brings charges against judges, judicial officers, or judicial candidates for misconduct. Details of attorneys’ and judges’ actions for which they are being disciplined by the Supreme Court will be included unless they are not a matter of public record under the court’s rules.


Florida attorney Edward R. Hall was disbarred from the practice of law in Indiana per an Oct. 18 order. Hall, who had previously been suspended, disobeyed a subpoena, caused another witness to do the same, neglected clients’ cases and engaged in a pattern of dishonesty. Costs of the proceeding are assessed against him.


Allen County attorney Thomas W. Belleperche resigned from the Indiana Bar per an Oct. 25 order, acknowledging he could not successfully defend himself against a pending attorney misconduct investigation. The order does not specify the alleged misconduct, but Belleperche faced multiple felony counts of operating a vehicle while intoxicated filed in Allen County courts this year. Costs of the proceeding are assessed against Belleperche.


Grant County attorney Tia L. Brewer was suspended for at least three years for neglecting client cases and a felony cocaine possession conviction, per a Nov. 16 order. Story, Page 20.

Lake County attorney John H. Davis was suspended for 30 days, effective immediately, per an Oct. 25 order. The suspension was reciprocal for discipline imposed by the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals for failure to comply with court rules and unprofessional conduct. Costs of the proceeding are assessed against Davis.

Knox County attorney Mark D. Geheb was suspended, effective immediately, per a Nov. 1 order for noncooperation with the Disciplinary Commission’s investigation of a grievance against him. Geheb is ordered to reimburse the commission $513.34 for the costs of prosecuting the proceeding.

Porter County attorney Larry W. Rogers was suspended for 90 days, effective Dec. 14, for neglecting an appeal and failing to refund an unearned fee. Rogers’ reinstatement is conditioned upon his full restitution of $8,000 to a client on or before March 1, 2019. Costs of the proceeding are assessed against Rogers.•



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