Five more senior judges certified, re-certified for 2019

February 8, 2019

The Indiana Supreme Court has certified and re-certified an additional five judicial officers as senior judges for 2019.

In a series of Thursday orders, the high court re-certified three senior judges to retain their senior judge status through Dec. 31. Senior judges Michael P. Barnes, who recently retired from the Indiana Court of Appeals, Robert J. Schmoll and Thomas W. Webber each met the qualifications for re-certification under Indiana Code section 33-27-4-1.

Additionally, Lake Superior Court judges William E. Davis and Diane K. Schneider received initial certification as senior judges. Davis is qualified to become a senior judge effective May 1 through Dec. 31, while Schneider is qualified to take senior status effective Feb. 7 through Dec. 31. Both were found to be qualified under I.C. 33-23-3-2.

Schneider recently retired from her place in Lake Superior Court, Civil Division 7. Interviews to find her successor are scheduled for next month.

Another 50 judicial officers were certified or re-certified as senior judges in December. Orders certifying and re-certifying senior judges for 2019 can be read here.  


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