Judge David Dreyer: Law is about people, emotion and all

My daughter lives in Oregon but she never calls. But the other night she did text. Of course I did not find it until later, and it simply reported in plain terms the largest historical event of her young adult life. No glee, no joy, just a simple statement about what happened in Pakistan. But I have not been able to stop thinking what made it so important to contact her parents.

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Legalese for ‘have an orange’

Bryan Garner, editor of Black’s Law Dictionary, head of LawProse Inc., and plain English expert, uses the following passage in “The Scribes Journal of Legal Writing,” (1992), to show efforts to simplify legal writing existed as far back as 1837 when the author satirizes how a lawyer would write, “have an orange”: “Timothy Walker (1802-1856). […]

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