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NOV. 23-DEC. 6, 2011

Project GRACE helps ex-offenders overcome barriers to employment. The unification of local courts in many Indiana counties is leading to greater efficiency and is welcomed by many local judges. The year-end rush to obtain needed CLE has begun for lawyers and providers.

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Court rules arbitration provision null and void

Tackling an issue of first impression, the Indiana Court of Appeals concluded that an arbitration provision in a loan agreement from a payday loan provider is null and void on the grounds of impossibility because the arbitrator named in the document is no longer available.

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Justice’s wife honored for support of judiciary

Jan Aikman Dickson, the wife of Indiana Justice Brent E. Dickson, will be inducted into the Warren E. Burger Society Friday. Membership in this society honors those who have shown a commitment to improving the administration of justice through service or support to the National Center for State Courts.

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Indiana has new ALJ chapter

Two state government attorneys have founded the Indiana chapter of the National Association of Administrative Law Judiciary. Their goal is to organize and connect those individuals in the state who are working in an ALJ capacity.

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