7th Circuit prohibits sex offender from voting at local high school

In a decision handed down one day before Indiana’s 2018 primary election, the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals found a rational relationship between an Indiana statute prohibiting sex offenders from entering school property and the state’s interest in protecting children. The court ruled the state does not violate a convicted sex offender’s voting rights by prohibiting him from voting at a polling place located in a high school, and instead requiring him to vote via one of three alternatives.

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COA affirms closing of unsupervised estate

In a dispute between two northern Indiana sisters, the Indiana Court of Appeals has affirmed the trial court’s decision to close the unsupervised estate of the sisters’ father, finding that the trial court did not apply the wrong legal or statutory standards when closing the estate.

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Blackford judges ban clerk from courthouse

Judges in Blackford County last week issued an order barring the elected clerk from her courthouse offices or even on the sidewalks surrounding the courthouse in Hartford City, claiming she behaved inappropriately and disobeyed and sabotaged court commands.

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