Pro se inmate wins appeal of sentence modification

An inmate’s pro se legal briefs arguing for a modification of his 70-year drug sentence impressed the Indiana Court of Appeals, who granted him another chance to make his case that he deserves leniency as a model prisoner who made the best of his time behind bars.

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COA affirms probation revocation

A man failed to persuade the Indiana Court of Appeals that revocation of his probation on a drug charge was barred by the doctrine of res judicata because his placement in community corrections had already been revoked.

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Vanderburgh work release program takes on new direction

Since July 2015 the Vanderburgh County work release program has undergone a metamorphosis under a cooperative agreement between the sheriff’s office and the county’s treatment courts. That is when Superior Judge Wayne Trockman and Circuit Court Judge David Kiely took over daily operations and rechristened it Therapeutic Work Release to reflect its new focus on rehabilitation.

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