In 3-2 ruling, justices affirm car search in warrant for search of home

Indiana’s chief justice and most senior justice dissented Wednesday from a decision upholding the admission of evidence in a drug case collected from a vehicle that arrived at a Camby home at the same time police were inside the house executing a search warrant that was limited to the property. A justice who sided with the majority, however, said the split decision is evidence that key caselaw regarding law enforcement searches and seizures may need to be revisited.

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Drug dealer’s appeal fails to show prosecutorial misconduct

A prosecutor’s suggestion to jurors during closing arguments that the volume of fentanyl in a habitual drug dealer’s possession had the potential to kill thousands of people did not constitute fundamental error. The Indiana Court of Appeals on Friday rejected that and other arguments of a man convicted and sentenced to 40 years in prison.

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Judges uphold drug convictions and sentence

A defendant’s argument that his Fourth Amendment rights were violated when police searched his vehicle and found pills failed because the man abandoned his vehicle after the traffic stop. By fleeing, he relinquished any reasonable expectation of privacy in the car, the Indiana Court of Appeals held.

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