Ex-Chicago cop wins resentencing appeal

An ex-Chicago cop serving time for drug-related convictions linked to his connection with the Latin Kings street gang will have an opportunity to have his request for a reduced sentence considered, the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals ruled Tuesday.

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Lawsuits hatch from egg contract that spoiled

Less than a month after an Indiana jury delivered a $1.46 million verdict against Evansville-based Rexing Quality Eggs, the contract dispute was still going, with the parties arguing at the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals over the return of plastic egg packing materials.

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Reversal: USDA farm wetlands ruling arbitrary and capricious

A Hancock County farm family denied U.S. Department of Agriculture benefits since the removal of nine trees from their farm in the 1990s prevailed in litigation against the agency. The 7th Circuit Court of Appeals entered judgment for the family, finding USDA’s rulings in the case arbitrary and capricious.

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Divided 7th Circuit lifts injunction against Indiana fetal-tissue research ban

An Indianapolis judge’s ruling that blocked an Indiana law effectively banning stem cell research derived from aborted fetal tissue was reversed by a divided 7th Circuit Court of Appeals panel Thursday. The 2-1 decision is a defeat for Indiana University researchers challenging the ban, and a dissenting judge questioned the state’s motivation and intent behind a law he said threatens IU research into potential treatments for Alzheimer’s disease and other disorders.

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Split 7th Circuit: Victim hypnosis evidence wrongly withheld

An Indiana man who was “confidently” identified as the perpetrator of an Elkhart shooting after the victim was hypnotized will be allowed to go free after a majority of the 7th Circuit granted his habeas petition. The appeals court found the state court erred in not overturning the man’s conviction because the state withheld evidence of the hypnosis during trial.

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7th Circuit rules for paramedic in patient-arrestee’s death

Case law does not clearly establish that a paramedic can violate a patient-arrestee’s Fourth Amendment rights by exercising medical judgment to administer a sedative in a medical emergency, the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals affirmed Wednesday.

The court ruled in the paramedic’s favor on all counts brought by the estate of a man sedated during a naked public rampage.

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