Divided Supreme Court throws out juvenile’s LWOP sentence

In a 3-2 decision Tuesday, the Indiana Supreme Court reduced a life without parole sentence for an offender convicted of murder at 17, finding LWOP sentences should be reserved for the most “heinous” juvenile offenders. The dissenting justices, however, found the nature of the crime in question warranted a life sentence.

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COA affirms life sentence for juvenile offender

After determining that a ban on mandatory life without parole sentences for juvenile offenders does not apply in situations in which the juvenile offender agreed to life without parole as part of a plea agreement, the Indiana Court of Appeals has affirmed a life sentence for one of only four Indiana juveniles ever to receive that sentence.

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Justices question teen’s LWOP sentence at oral arguments

In Indiana, only five juveniles have been sentenced to life without parole. Now, the fate of the fifth juvenile rests with the justices of the Indiana Supreme Court, who must decide whether the teen’s act of shooting and killing another 17-year-old rises to a level of offense that warrants spending the rest of his life behind bars.

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