COA affirms marriage, widow gets pension

A terminally ill firefighter’s marriage days before his death to a woman who was 36 years his junior and the beneficiary of his pension was upheld by the Court of Appeals of Indiana, which found no evidence to support his children’s contention that the nuptials should be annulled because their father’s mental capacity was impaired by pain medication.

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Is Marion County’s tradition of slating candidates nearing its end?

For years, endorsements by Marion County’s political parties significantly reduced the chances of a hotly contested primary for each party’s nomination. But not so much these days. The change is particularly noticeable among county Democrats running for county clerk, county recorder and a state senate seat in the May 3 primary election.

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COA: Unruly defendant did not have to be explicitly told he could attend trial if he behaved

A so-called sovereign citizen who was removed from his own trial because of his disruptive behavior, then tried to get his conviction overturned by arguing he was not told he could remain in the courtroom if he behaved, did not get any sympathy from the Court of Appeals of Indiana, which instead commended the trial court for its patience in handling such a difficult defendant.

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