Fort Wayne gets future fire tax revenues for annexed area, divided COA rules

The city of Fort Wayne is entitled to tax revenues for providing fire protection services to annexed land in Allen County, but past revenues will stay with the original fire protection district that served the area before the annexation, the Indiana Court of Appeals ruled Friday. A dissenting judge, however, questioned whether the case should have proceeded in the Indiana Tax Court instead.

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Blair and Olsen: On economic downturns, construction problems and taxation

Most of us can relate to the feeling of starting a home project, only to complete half of it (likely not very well) and leave the project as-is for months on end. We certainly can, as much as we might not like to admit it. While our spouses might disagree, partially completed home projects are not really a big deal in the grand scheme of things. But what about partially completed commercial buildings? That’s a different story, especially for tax assessment purposes.

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