Flight attendant agrees to undergo alcohol abuse counseling

A flight attendant charged with public intoxication after passengers on a Chicago-to-South Bend flight noticed her inebriation has agreed to undergo alcohol abuse counseling. Julianne March of Waukesha, Wisconsin, reached a pretrial diversion agreement that includes alcohol abuse evaluation and counseling during her Aug. 29 initial hearing.

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Evidence found during arrest for public intox is admissible, COA rules

The Indiana Court of Appeals upheld a man’s misdemeanor cocaine possession conviction after it held the search an officer conducted after finding the man asleep in his car did not violate his Fourth Amendment rights and thus the trial court did not abuse its discretion by admitting the cocaine found during the search.

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Line blurs on intoxication

Convictions for public intoxication don’t just require being pickled in public anymore. An inebriated person now has to do something else, but conduct elements added to the criminal statute in 2012 have blurred what constitutes a misdemeanor.

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Drunk man who ran into woman rightfully convicted

The Indiana Court of Appeals Tuesday affirmed the public intoxication conviction of a man who showed signs of being drunk and walked into a woman as he left an Indianapolis nightclub, prompting a response from nearby police.

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Justices to decide if defendant was ‘annoying’

The Indiana Supreme Court will decide whether the portion of the public intoxication statute enacted two years ago that uses the term “annoys” is void for vagueness, as the Indiana Court of Appeals held earlier this year.

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