Web exclusive: Young attorney driven in fight to abolish capital punishment

Attorney Ashley Eve was one of more than a dozen death penalty protesters who claimed that their First Amendment rights were violated when Indiana State Police set up roadblocks that kept capital punishment protestors almost 2 miles away from the federal prison in Terre Haute while three executions took place there last month. Eve was motivated to a career in law by her opposition to the death penalty.

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Web Exclusive: Attorney’s restoration brings river house back to life 

Before she even saw the house at auction, Beverly Corn firmly put her foot down with a resounding no. “I kept saying, ‘I’m not doing it. I don’t know what donkey you think is going to drag me into this, I’m not doing it,’” Corn said. But that was two years ago, before the newly christened Riparian House in her childhood hometown came back to life with her help.

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Web exclusive: Judges, lawyers invest time in hobbies under stay-at-home orders

Extra hours away from the outside world because of stay-at-home orders offered Indiana’s judges and attorneys at least one positive thing during the coronavirus-pandemic – time. Whether spending time with family or using quiet moments of solitude to revive rusty creative skills, many legal professionals are finding the joy and peace of everyday tasks in the midst of uncertain times.

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