Judges examine estate case involving will, self-proving clause

Deciding on an issue of first impression regarding the proper execution of a person’s will, the state’s second-highest appeals court has determined the Indiana General Assembly doesn’t want validly signed wills and self-proving clauses to be set aside lightly.

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Court: Man properly executed will, not under undue influence

The Indiana Court of Appeals today affirmed a jury’s decision that upheld a will after the decedent’s children
questioned whether the will was executed properly and whether the trial court erred in rejecting a jury instruction regarding
undue influence.

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Judge rules against Inlow heirs

A week after a bizarre court hearing where opposing attorneys took turns questioning one another on the witness stand, Hamilton
County Judge Steve Nation ruled Friday that the heirs of former Conseco Inc. executive Lawrence Inlow failed to justify their
attempt to remove Cincinnati-based Fifth Third Bank as the personal representative of the estate.

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