Marion County has first human trafficking conviction

January 26, 2011

The conviction of a man on human trafficking charges Tuesday is the first time the Marion County Prosecutor’s Office has convicted someone on that charge since the state’s human trafficking law was enacted in 2007.

Chris Smiley was convicted by a jury of human trafficking, promoting prostitution, battery, intimidation, and strangulation. The human trafficking charges involved 19-year-old victim, B.A., who was forced into prostitution as a result of a drug debt of someone else.

B.A.’s absence wasn’t reported to police for at least three weeks and the amount of money demanded from her continued to increase, according to a press release from the prosecutor’s office.

Indiana’s Human and Sexual Trafficking Statute is listed in Indiana Code 35-42-3.5.

The November 10-23, 2010, issue of Indiana Lawyer, covered the issue in “Human trafficking cases on the rise in Indiana.”


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