Assessment and Intervention Center takes on broad mandate

When Indianapolis’ Assessment and Intervention Center opened in December 2020, it did so in the middle of the construction site that has become the Community Justice Campus, during what was then the deadliest and most infectious month of the pandemic. Since then, the AIC, originally intended to divert low-level, nonviolent offenders from Marion County’s criminal justice apparatus, has conducted more than 1,700 assessments for Indianapolis residents struggling with mental health or substance abuse disorders.

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Marion County mortgage data shows lower homeownership, especially among Blacks and Hispanics

More than 50 years after the passage of the federal Fair Housing Act of 1968, Marion County, Indiana’s highest populated and most racially diverse county, not only has a lower rate of homeownership than the rest of the state but has been experiencing a decline in homeownership driven by a drop in Blacks and Hispanics buying houses of their own, according to a report by the Fair Housing Center of Central Indiana.

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Appellate court allows enhanced sentence to stand

An Indianapolis man who described his offenses as “being in a truck with drugs and a gun” was unable to get his sentence reduced after the Court of Appeals of Indiana rejected his argument that his six-year enhancement for being a habitual offender was an impermissible double enhancement.

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