Marion Superior judge retirements to shuffle court assignments

September 9, 2014

The looming retirement of four judges and the coming election of five new Marion Superior jurists will result in multiple reassignments in the Indianapolis trial courts.

Retiring judges are David Shaheed from Civil Court 1, Theodore Sosin from Civil Court 2, Patrick McCarty from Civil Court 3, and Gerald Zore from probate court. Eight Republican and eight Democratic judges will be elected in November. Eight judicial candidates representing each party were selected in the May primaries.

New Democratic judges will be private practitioner Angela Dow Davis; Shatrese Flowers, currently a Marion Superior magistrate; private practitioner Marcel A. Pratt Jr.; and Christina R. Klineman, currently a Marion Superior commissioner. The new Republican judge will be private practitioner P.J. Dietrick.

As a result of the pending election of new judges, the Marion Superior Executive Committee recently approved the following tentative assignments, effective Jan. 1:

Criminal Court 7: Judge Clayton Graham, moving from Criminal Court 17. Judge David Cook was appointed to fill the term of Judge Kimberly Brown in this court after Brown was removed from the bench by the Indiana Supreme Court for judicial misconduct. Cook did not seek election.

Criminal Court 15: Judge Helen Marchal, moving from Criminal Court 16. Marchal takes the place of Judge John Chavis, who will move to Civil Division 12.

Criminal Court 16: Judge Angela Dow Davis will take the place of Marchal on this court after Davis’ election.

Criminal Court 17: Judge Christina Klineman will replace Graham, who moves to Criminal Court 7.

Criminal Court 20: Judge Shatrese Flowers, upon election, will take over the court where Judge Steve Eichholtz presides. Eichholtz will become judge of the probate court.

Criminal Court 21: Judge P.J. Dietrick, upon election, will succeed Judge Gary Miller, who will move to Civil Court 3.

Probate: Judge Steve Eichholtz will move from Criminal Court 20, replace retiring probate Judge Gerald Zore.

Traffic: Judge Marcel Pratt Jr., upon election, will succeed Judge James Joven, who moves to Civil Court 13.

Civil Court 1: Judge Heather Welch will move from Civil Court 12, succeeding retiring Judge David Shaheed.

Civil Court 2: Judge Timothy Oakes will succeed retiring Judge Theodore M. Sosin. Oakes moves from Civil Court 13.

Civil Court 3: Judge Gary Miller will move from Criminal Court 21, succeed retiring Judge Patrick McCarty.

Civil Court 12: Judge John Chavis will succeed Welch, who moves to Civil Court 1.

Civil Court 13: Judge James Joven will move from traffic court. He replaces Oakes, who moves to Civil Court 2.

Meanwhile, Marion Circuit Judge Louis Rosenberg also will retire at the end of the year. Succeeding him will be the winner of the race between Democrat Sheryl Lynch and Republican Therese Hannah.

Judges will receive training tailored to their new assignments on Nov. 13 and 14.

New judges will be sworn in Dec. 29 in the public assembly room of the Marion County City-County Building by U.S. District Judge Tanya Walton Pratt, Southern District of Indiana. She is the wife of incoming Judge-Elect Marcel Pratt Jr.


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