Lawsuit filed against Wal-Mart after PCB found at Indy facility

September 18, 2014

A proposed class-action lawsuit alleges Wal-Mart and its corporate entities were negligent after PCB was found at a returns facility located in Indianapolis.

Price Waicukauski & Riley LLC filed the lawsuit Wednesday in Marion Superior Court on behalf of Tammy Longest, who was employed at the Wal-Mart facility operated by Exel. The lawsuit claims that last month nearly 600 employees were told by Exel management that the facility was shutting down immediately and that no reason was given for the closing. Less than a week later, employees were told at an off-site location that the building was closed due to the presence of polychlorinated biphenyls were discovered at the site.

PCBS are considered highly toxic carcinogens and exposure to it above background levels in the environment may increase a person’s risk for serious diseases. The chemical has been banned since 1979.

The suit seeks a class action on behalf of all employees/associates of Exel that worked at the return center from the date the facility was first contaminated until Aug. 20, when the facility was shut down. The lawsuit says that neither Longest nor the proposed class have been informed as to the extent of the contamination, the length of exposure or results of any inspection of the facility.


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