‘Rushing’ door sufficient for burglary conviction

June 30, 2015

A man who rushed the door of an apartment where a co-conspirator had arranged a drug buy was rightly convicted of Class A felony burglary resulting in serious bodily injury, the Indiana Court of Appeals held Tuesday.

Lawrence J. Anderson was convicted of the charge. He accompanied several other people who hid near an apartment while Alexis Daniels visited to complete an arranged spice purchase. When the door was opened for Daniels, Anderson rushed in and brutalized the pregnant girlfriend of alleged spice dealer Timothy Mounts, who wasn’t there at the time.

A jury convicted Anderson of seven counts and sentenced him to 25 years executed in the Department of Correction.

“We find that ‘rushing’ someone to gain unauthorized entry is sufficient evidence of force used. Thus, we affirm the defendant’s conviction for Class A felony burglary,” Chief Judge Nancy Vaidik wrote for the panel in Lawrence J. Anderson v. State of Indiana, 79A02-1501-CR-10.


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