Justices swap woman’s name for initials in protective order case

January 7, 2016

The Indiana Supreme Court granted a woman’s request Wednesday to redact her full name from a court decision involving a protective order obtained against her.

In a 2-page per curiam decision, the justices granted transfer to R.E.’s appeal for the purpose of substituting her initials for her name in its opinion. The Court of Appeals had denied the request and identified her in its decision affirming the issuance of the protective order.

R.E. was a former patient of a psychologist who constantly contacted the doctor after their professional relationship ended. R.E.’s behavior frightened the doctor so much that she instituted home and office safety protocol plans with professional security providers for the first time in her 30-year career. The psychologist, now referred to as M.S., requested the protective order in 2014.

The justices summarily affirmed the COA’s decision in all other respects. The case is R.E. v. M.S., 49S05-1601-PO-6.


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