Indy car dealers must pay $590,000 in unpaid sales tax

May 8, 2017

Two Indianapolis car dealers were ordered Monday to pay $590,437 in restitution to the state for failing to pay taxes on auto sales, Marion County Prosecutor Terry Curry announced.

The owners of Indy Auto Brokers, Circle City Auto Connection, and Circle City Auto Exchange agreed to restitution as a condition of their guilty pleas to Class D felony failure to remit taxes held in trust.   

Auto Brokers owner Brandi Pierson will pay $428,546 to the Department of Revenue. The sum includes $119,455 from seized funds and $309,091 to be remitted in installments. Pierson also will serve a two-year sentence suspended to probation.

Amy Lair will pay a total of $161,890 from funds seized for unpaid taxes owed by Circle City Auto Connection and Circle City Auto Exchange. She also will serve a one-year sentence suspended to probation.

A 2014 audit of Auto Brokers found discrepancies in the dealership’s state tax forms. The audit showed more reported sales and tax collected than paid, a statement from Curry said. After the audit, it was discovered that Lair and Pierson held ownership over the three used car dealerships involved and failed to remit taxes between 2011 and 2016.


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