7th Circuit begins search for bankruptcy judge ahead of Lorch retirement

June 22, 2018

The 7th Circuit Court of Appeals has begun the search for the next Indiana Southern District Bankruptcy Court judge as a current judge prepares to retire.

Judge Basil J. Lorch III will soon vacate his position at the Southern District Bankruptcy Court. At his initial retirement announcement in 2016, Lorch requested the 7th Circuit recall him to service through Jan. 2, 2018, subject to renewal.

Lorch was appointed to his first term on the bench on April 14,1992 and was reappointed 14, 2006. He served as chief judge of the Bankruptcy Court from June 2003 to May 2010. 

The 7th Circuit is now seeking candidates to succeed Lorch. Court officials said Friday Lorch's retirement date won't be set until a candidate is selected. 

Once all applications are received by Aug. 1, the Judicial Council of the Seventh Circuit will make recommendations to the 7th Circuit Court of appeals, which will make the final appointment. The next judge will be headquartered in New Albany.


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