‘Last major hurdles’ cleared in ISBA health plan

February 22, 2019

In a unanimous decision, the Indiana State Bar Association board of directors has approved the key pieces needed to establish the association’s new health insurance plan for members.

The board, meeting Feb. 18, approved the creation of the voluntary employees’ beneficiary association trust, which will be used to collect premiums from members participating in the health coverage and pay the medical claims. Also, the board approved the membership requirement, mandating that at least 20 percent of a firm’s Indiana-licensed attorneys be ISBA members in order to participate in the health insurance plan.

“These were the last major hurdles we needed to clear in order to build a health care plan that will serve all Indiana attorneys,” said Joe Skeel, ISBA executive director. “We have only a few minor details left, and we are excited we soon will be able to enroll members.”

The ISBA has been aware of the trouble members, especially solo and small firm practitioners, have had in finding affordable health insurance. Now partnering with health care tech startup Apostrophe, Inc., which will serve as the third-party administrator, the ISBA is building its own health plan that, unlike coverage from the major health insurance carriers, will cover solo practitioners.

Enrollment in the plan will begin soon, with coverage starting June 1.


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