IndyBar: Indianapolis Bar Association Statement on Judicial Criticism

Silence by the judiciary to public criticism is not a sign of acquiescence, indifference, or disdain regarding the opinions asserted, but rather is a symbol of the judiciary’s steadfast respect for the rule of law and commitment to judicial ethics. It is inappropriate for a judge to debate the merits of a pending case in the press or on social media.

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IndyBar: We Need Your Ideas for IndyBarHQ!

An IndyBarHQ utilization task force has been organized, featuring a diverse group of members, to direct our new HQ’s evolution with intention and creativity. The ideas already are simmering vigorously, but we need your help to bring them to a full boil.

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IndyBar: Everybody’s Free (To Carry Cash)

In June 1997, Mary Schmich wrote an essay for the Chicago Tribune that became known as “Wear Sunscreen.” Twenty-four years and two weeks later, IndyBar Foundation President Adam Christensen presents his attempt at the same, a hat tip to “Wear Sunscreen,” tailored for our profession and our times.

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