IndyBar President’s Column: Why Lawyers are Essential to the Legislature — The Curious Case of Mr. Mears Fishing Without Bait

The would-be angler Marvin Mears took an unexpected trip to the Supreme Court of Indiana after he caught a fish without bait. The law in Indiana said that “[i]t shall be unlawful for any person to take . . . or attempt to take . . . any fish in the waters of this state . . . by any means other than angling with hook and line.” Mr. Mears didn’t reasonably believe that the Indiana General Assembly intended to outlaw his scheme. He was “angling with hook and line” after all. Or so he thought.

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IndyBar: New for 2020: Reduced CLE Rate for New Lawyers!

The IndyBar is making legal education more accessible than ever. Get the info (and the credits) you need to succeed with our newly-reduced rates on CLE programs! Effective immediately, attorney members in practice eight or fewer years pay just $20 per credit hour at any one of the IndyBar’s more than 150 CLE programs held annually.

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IndyBar: YLD’s Office Hours: Ease the Burden of Young Lawyering

Whether you’re working at a firm, at a nonprofit, for the government or you decided to hang your own shingle, it can feel lonely being a new attorney in a world of people who seem to have things figured out. We’re here for you. The IndyBar Young Lawyer Division (YLD) has put into place something we’re calling Office Hours!

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