Murtaugh: I endured the pain of depression then stole my joy back

On a Sunday, two days before the submission deadline for this article, I went to a coffee shop to start my writing process. I was really struggling with my depression. Because I was suffering, I had a need to use that time to journal. I needed to write down what I was feeling to try to get some relief. So, that is what I have to share with you this time.

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Mental Fitness: Connection a constant in decision to disclose

I know that my desire to write and reach others who suffer is difficult for some people to understand. Many people view mental illness as a personal matter that should be kept private. I see nothing wrong with keeping it private. I do not think that anyone with a mental health diagnosis should feel pressured to disclose. Dealing with the disease in this way is just part of who I am. It was something that I tried, and it has worked for me.

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Mental fitness: Danger of burnout syndrome is cause for future self-care

Burnout is something everyone can relate to and learn from, especially in the legal field. Speaking to Tippecanoe County attorneys recently, I shared information that applies to all legal practitioners, not just to lawyers and judges battling mental health issues. Specifically, I concentrated on the idea of neglecting one’s own needs.

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