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FEB. 11-24, 2015

Of the billions of text messages sent daily in the world, a few will wind up as evidence in litigation. A few that should will not, and that could mean trouble for lawyers. Twenty-five years ago, Marion County decided to create domestic relations courts. They didn't last, but some counties still funnel these cases to specific judges. Bills in the General Assembly to raise minimum wage in Indiana will go unheard. But supporters say the language may be able to be inserted in a separate bill in the future.

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Foos: Forget the next big thing; focus on your existing technology

What we often forget is that the focus of legal-based technology is to increase the productivity of attorneys, paralegals and administrative staff. We’re focused on the next big thing when we should be identifying how to customize our existing technology to save time and increase productivity.

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Lundberg: The importance of preserving the attorney-client privilege

The dispute between former Indiana University Purdue-Fort Wayne Chancellor Michael Wartell and Purdue University has attracted much media attention – some of it wondering why Purdue would fight so hard to protect its claim that a lawyer-investigator’s report was protected by the attorney-client privilege and should not be released.

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BGBC: Don’t get duped. Test your fraud skills

Do you think you are too smart to be duped by a fraudster? Have you been paying attention to our fraud articles? The Association of Certified Fraud Examiners estimates that the typical organization loses 5 percent of its annual revenue to fraud. Test your knowledge on fraud by taking this 10-question quiz.

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As I have worked my way through the chairs of the IndyBar to become the 2015 president, I have had the good fortune to meet other bar leaders at American Bar Association meetings. I have learned time and again that bar leaders around the country view the IndyBar as the “Gold Standard” of metropolitan bar associations.

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