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JULY 16-29, 2014

The increased amount in registration fees attorneys will pay starting Aug. 1 will cover shortfalls in the Disciplinary Commission, the Commission on Continuing Legal Education and the Lawyers and Judges Assistance Program. A portion of the increased fees will also provide revenue for the state’s pro bono districts. A report issued by a task force commissioned at the request of the Indiana Supreme Court recommends reported attorney pro bono hours only be public in an aggregate manner. A recent 7th Circuit Court of Appeals decision may expedite the demise of Marion County township courts.

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New Indiana criminal code being implemented in courtrooms

Prosecutors, public defenders and judges around the state have been attending special seminars, updating computer programs and reading through the new criminal code in preparation for the switch. Many say they will need about six months before they feel comfortable with the new code, and they expect they will be juggling cases charged under the old code for at least another 12 to 18 months.

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Personal, practical reasons guide adult adoptions

Children become consenting adults when they turn 18, but that’s also the age at which a few will seek to legally become someone’s son or daughter. Adult adoptions are fairly rare, but they’re sought for a host of reasons from the sentimental to the sensible, family law attorneys say.

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Andrews: Can you protect the stepparent bond after a divorce?

A subsequent divorce between a biological parent and stepparent can have a devastating impact on the stepparent/stepchild relationship that often rivals that of a biological parent and child. This relationship is so significant that nine of our states recognize stepparents as having a right to seek visitation of a child.

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Indiana Court Decisions – March 16-29, 2016

7th Circuit Court of Appeals June 25 Civil – Religious Display on Public Land Chris Cabral and Nancy Tarsitano v. City of Evansville, Ind.; Appeal of: West Side Christian Church 13-2914 An Evansville church that sought to display multiple six-foot-tall crosses along the city’s public Riverfront cannot appeal the court order that prevents the city […]

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DTCI: Independent contractors under the Worker’s Compensation Act

Independent contractors are usually excluded from coverage under the Indiana Worker’s Compensation Act. Accordingly, an individual’s status as an independent contractor may serve as a defense to an otherwise compensable claim. While this general principle – that independent contractors are not covered by the Act – seems simple enough, the provisions of the Act addressing independent contractors can give rise to some complex legal and factual issues.

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DTCI: Awards nominations invited

The Defense Trial Counsel’s Annual Meeting will be held Nov. 20-21 at French Lick Resort. One of the highlights of the meeting is the presentation of the Defense Lawyer of the Year, the Diplomat of the Indiana Defense Trial Counsel, and the Outstanding Young Lawyer awards.

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