Sugarman and Thomas: Nonstick coating emerging as a sticky regulatory problem

The United States Environmental Protection Agency (“EPA”) has identified PFAS as an “emerging contaminant.” The agency has released two peer-reviewed documents addressing health impacts posed by the chemicals. EPA also listed PFOA and PFOS on its Contaminant Candidate List (CCL) — which means they are now subject to regulatory decision making and information collection.

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6 former EPA bosses call for agency reset after election

Six former Environmental Protection Agency chiefs are calling for an agency reset after President Donald Trump’s regulation-chopping, industry-minded first term, backing a detailed plan by former EPA staffers that ranges from renouncing political influence in regulation to boosting climate-friendly electric vehicles.

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7th Circuit removes East Chicago lead pollution case to federal court

Companies sued by residents who claim their former housing complex in East Chicago was polluted by toxins including lead and arsenic prevailed in their bid to have the case heard in federal rather than state court. In doing so, the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals also eased the standard for when a defendant may assert a defense of acting under federal authority.

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