Student sues Noblesville High School, claiming school prohibited pro-life club

Alleging Noblesville High School prevented a freshman from organizing a pro-life club because the group’s “political agenda is not aligned with the administration’s agenda,” the student, her parents and her club, Noblesville Students for Life, have filed a lawsuit against the school and several faculty members for violating the rights of free speech and association.

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Legislation pits religious freedoms against employer rights

It’s one of the trickiest paths an employer must tread: when to make allowances for workers who express sincerely held religious views on matters ranging from work schedules to dress and grooming practices. And for the past year, Indiana employers have faced one more sensitive area: whether to enforce COVID-19 vaccination mandates on workers who say the vaccines violate their religious beliefs.

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Ahead of Rittenhouse trial, race seen as underlying issue

Kyle Rittenhouse, the aspiring police officer who gunned down three people in Kenosha, Wisconsin, during a protest against racism and police brutality, is white. So were those he shot. But for many, his trial next week will be watched closely as the latest referendum on race and the American legal system.

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