Circuit Court split on rehearing judicial canons case

Indiana’s two federal appeals judges disagree about whether the full 7th Circuit Court of Appeals should reconsider
a Wisconsin case about the judicial code of conduct in that state, paving the way for a further battle before the nation’s
highest court that could influence Indiana’s judicial canons.

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7th Circuit upholds Indiana’s judicial canons

At a time when the legal community is caught up in controversies about how judges are selected and whether they can remain
impartial, the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals has weighed in on that national debate and ruled that states have the authority
to self-regulate on those issues as it relates to judicial canons.

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Law doesn’t infringe on free speech

The Supreme Court of the United States ruled June 24 on the case of Doe v. Reed, No. 09-559, in which Terre Haute
attorney James Bopp Jr. was the lead attorney on the case that pitted free speech versus public disclosure of ballot petition

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