Open government advocates find victory in Groth decision

Not much was changed in terms of government transparency when the Indiana Court of Appeals rejected former Gov. Mike Pence’s argument that the Indiana executive branch’s responses to open record requests are exempt from judicial review. But, according to open government advocates, that lack of change is actually a good thing.

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Divided COA rules in favor of Pence in public records case

The Indiana Court of Appeals has upheld a trial court decision finding that former Indiana Gov. and Vice President-elect Mike Pence did not violate open records laws when he redacted and withheld certain documents related to his decision to join a Texas lawsuit challenging federal executive orders on immigration.

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Trump-Pence campaign aide stays on Indiana payroll

A key aide to Donald Trump's vice presidential nominee, Gov. Mike Pence, continues to earn $23,000 a month as Indiana's sole Washington lobbyist even as he has taken a paid position with the Republican presidential campaign and regularly travels with Pence to political rallies across the country during working hours.

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