• Guardianship abuse could be common but sparse data leave questions

    Court-determined arrangements have made recent headlines as pop star Britney Spears publicly fought to be removed from what she called a “toxic” conservatorship. Her case of conservatorship, similar to Indiana man Nicholas Clouse’s guardianship, illuminates potential problems and abuse of power in such arrangements.

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ILAS gets $250,000 boost from Lilly Endowment

Indianapolis Legal Aid Society has received a $250,000 COVID-19 relief grant from the Lilly Endowment, Inc., providing much-needed support for legal assistance to low-income Hoosiers in central Indiana who have been acutely affected by the ongoing pandemic.

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Pandemic pressures legal aid

Looming evictions with so many Americans unable to pay their rent have been at the forefront of concerns, but legal aid offices and pro bono attorneys see other issues on the horizon. They expect more filings for bankruptcy and guardianships, and they believe more people will reach out for legal assistance with problems connected with consumer debt and domestic violence. Underpinning their ability to help is the need for money.

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