Huntington judge faces sex-based harassment suit

A longtime judge in Huntington County at the center of a separate recent controversy has been sued by a county employee who alleges she was the victim of the judge’s “campaign of sex-based harassment, discrimination, and retaliation” that “created a hostile and oppressive workplace environment.”

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COA upholds prohibition on TV broadcast of court audio

The Indiana Court of Appeals has upheld a trial court ruling that prohibited a Fort Wayne TV station from broadcasting audio from a sentencing hearing it obtained through a public records request, finding the trial court’s ruling complied with both local rules and the First Amendment.

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TV station challenging ban on airing court audio

A case currently before the Indiana Court of Appeals could have a precedential effect on the process judges must go through before prohibiting the broadcasting of court recordings, as a northern Indiana TV station argues for answers as to why it was banned from airing a court-provided recording of a sentencing hearing in a high-profile case.

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Ties to Florida firm burn Indiana lawyers

Small-town lawyer Justin Wall argues in his discipline case that he’s fighting not just for his career, but for the livelihoods of his Huntington co-workers and the needs of his community after he tried to drum up business with a regretful decision to answer a Craigslist ad four years ago.

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