Conviction vacated for man who opened fire over iPad

A man who opened fire in a busy Indianapolis intersection after he claimed he was trying to make a citizen’s arrest of a suspected iPad thief was improperly convicted of one of two charges that may have constituted double jeopardy, the Indiana Court of Appeals ruled Wednesday.

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Supreme Court: E-filing now covers 90 percent of state

Electronic filing now covers 90 percent of Indiana trial courts and nearly 80 percent of the state’s caseload is now handled through the Odyssey case management system, the Indiana Supreme Court highlighted Monday with the release of its annual report. The annual report includes a broad statistical overview of the work of the court during the 2017-2018 fiscal year.

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Affirming juvenile DOC placement, COA seeks effective counsel guidance

A 15-year-old who had multiple instances of violent rage and who could no longer be controlled by his parents was properly placed in the Department of Correction, an Indiana Court of Appeals panel found. But judges also used the case to ask the Indiana Supreme Court for guidance on measuring the effectiveness of counsel in similar juvenile cases.

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