Recovery case against former bookkeeper to continue in part

A case seeking to recover public funds from a former Jennings County bookkeeper will continue after the Indiana Supreme Court determined two of the three claims brought by the state were not governed by the discovery rule and, thus, were timely filed. The third claim, however, was governed by the discovery rule.

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Courts tend to side with HOAs on disputes

No one disputes that Country Squire Lakes Community in Jennings County has decayed from a pleasant welcoming place to live into a mess of broken down mobile homes where there is fear of crime. They disagree if the change is radical enough to excuse homeowners from paying dues and assessments to their homeowners association.

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COA: enhancement isn’t an ex post facto violation

The enhancement of a man’s conviction of operating a vehicle while intoxicated because of a prior OWI conviction did not constitute an ex post facto violation, the Indiana Court of Appeals held Monday. The man argued it was a violation because his prior conviction occurred before the enactment of the enhancement statute.

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