Plaintiffs in RTFA dispute ask Indiana Supreme Court for review

Neighbors to an 8,000-head hog farm are asking the Indiana Supreme Court for relief, arguing Indiana’s Right to Farm Act does not give blanket immunity to all negligence and trespass claims. Martin Richard and Janet Himsel and Robert and Susan Lannon have filed a petition to transfer their complaint over a concentrated animal feeding operation near their farms in Hendricks County.

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In Utica billboard fight, COA reverses order for attorney fees

An acrimonious court fight over seven billboards outside Utica, Indiana, will not conclude with a military reuse authority paying attorney fees to the entities it sued, as a trial court ordered. The Indiana Court of Appeals on Monday reversed an order for the suing party to pay more than $237,000 to opposing counsel in litigation over highway sign permits in Clark County.

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Biological dad’s paternity petition dismissed

The Indiana Court of Appeals has rejected the petition of two biological parents to establish paternity for their child after the appellate court concluded the mother could not collaterally attack a previous paternity finding for another man who assumed he was the father.   

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