Suit claims marriage statute unconstitutional

A secular group and three of its members are suing the Marion County prosecutor and clerk, claiming an Indiana statute is unconstitutional because it says that religions are the only groups with rights to have their beliefs recognized in marriage ceremonies.

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Senate gets resolution on marriage, civil unions

The Senate Judiciary Committee spent most of its time this week discussing the definition of marriage in Indiana and whether
a constitutional amendment should be sent to voters to make it tougher for courts and legislators to rewrite how they
handle both gay marriage and civil unions.

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Judges disagree on retroactive support issue

In a matter of first impression, a panel of Indiana Court of Appeals judges couldn't agree on whether an initial support order can be retroactive to a date preceding the filing of a petition for resolution. The judges disagreed as to whether a court has the authority to reach into an intact marriage and order a party to pay child support to the other.

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