Higgins: New rules reflect renewed focus on attorney trust accounts

For Indiana attorneys, the new year marks the effective date of the new Admission and Discipline Rule 23. The importance of Rule 23 is generally limited only to those unlucky few who find themselves being investigated or prosecuted by the Disciplinary Commission. However, Rule 23 also contains substantive provisions on how each lawyer must manage his or her trust account.

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Amendment gives juveniles right to counsel

A child charged with a delinquent act will be entitled to be represented by an attorney, according to an order handed down this month by the Indiana Supreme Court. The order creates Rule 25 in the Indiana Rules of Criminal Procedure.

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Supreme Court amends Indiana rules

The Indiana justices have issued several orders amending the rules of court. Among them is a change that allows the Disciplinary Commission to seek reimbursement from attorneys who have resigned or been disbarred.

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