Stafford: Hill touts his record, so let’s look at his convictions

Say what you will about Indiana Attorney General Curtis Hill, he is a man of convictions. But for purposes of this earned polemic, let’s set aside the wrongful convictions that are still being overturned from Hill’s years as Elkhart County prosecutor. Instead, let’s focus on his time as AG and explore Hill’s personal and political convictions.

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Despite lost support, AG Hill seemingly pushes forward

Statewide political leaders, including Republican leaders, are withdrawing support of embattled Indiana Attorney General Curtis Hill, who next week begins a 30-day suspension for two ethics violations. But Hill so far has not indicated plans to step down from his role or leave the 2020 campaign trail once the suspension is over, even though his competition may be growing.

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Holcomb asks Supreme Court whether AG Hill’s suspension creates vacancy

Just one day after the Indiana Supreme Court ordered Attorney General Curtis Hill to serve a 30-day suspension for ethical violations, Gov. Eric Holcomb is petitioning the high court for guidance on what the suspension means for Hill’s ability to remain in office and challenging Hill’s decision to appoint his chief deputy to serve in his absence. A ruling in Holcomb’s favor could permit him to appoint Hill’s replacement.

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